Provisional Tax 2023 – 1st instalment

We would like to remind you that the payment deadline for the 1st provisional tax instalment for tax year 2023 is the 31st of July 2023.

The following persons have an obligation to pay provisional tax, based on their expected annual taxable income for tax year 2023:

• Individuals with taxable income other than salaries, pensions, dividends and interest, and

• companies with taxable income.

The tax, calculated as 12.5% on the taxable income, is payable in two equal instalments, by 31 July and 31 December of 2023.

Any difference between the actual tax payable and the temporary tax paid for the year 2023 is payable by 1st of August 2024.

In case the provisional taxable income declared is less than 75% of the final taxable income for the year, the taxpayer is required to pay an additional tax equal to 10% of the difference between the final tax due and the provisional tax paid.